*Shrugs* I've just been having random ideas lately and been fascinated by Nikola Tesla's works. An idea that came to my mind was a program, where you could have unlimited amounts of wire, circuit components, and even the ability to create 3D models, and assign the "Type" of material it would be, such as Gold, Steel, or anything of the sort, even coated(with plastic) or un-coated, if it happened to touch another wire, or conductive material.
To my knowledge as of now, there is no program out there that would simulate electricity, and all of its various attributes, and actions. The software program would be 3D(2D Optional), for accurate wiring, and objects, such as lights, or lasers, or any electric piece that could have either AC or DC pumped through it. The program would be so useful for those without the financial means to purchase magnet wire, and different circuitry components to test with. And even for Electric engineers to play around without worrying about being shocked by a misplacement of something.

If anyone knows of any program that has this accomplished already by all means, please inform me, :3 I would love to experiment within it. But that is just an idea for an application that came to me tonight. The program would most likely have to be created outside of BYOND due to it's lack of efficiency, and all of the limitations.
Sounds interesting! Electricity is however, very unpredictable. It would be a fun program to play with, why not attempt it in BYOND? Even just get a basic version down, I don't see it being difficult.