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Poll: Are you for or against the reconstruction of Open Source, abandoned projects?

As long as they make it better than the original 44% (11)
Sure, it's open source, do what ya wanna do! 32% (8)
I don't care 4% (1)
Open source is for learning 12% (3)
Make your own damn game! 8% (2)

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Was thinking of taking on an open source project that was abandoned in 2003 by its creator. The game is fun and has great potential. I haven't started on it yet, but what do you guys think?
Which game?
yeah, what game are you talking about :)? but i went for making it a lot better than the original.
I was talking about Rise of Heroes by: Xerse from September 2003.

It's still played, and thought the game has no real storyline, and it was developed prior to the ability to create an interface, it has potential. I may mess with it in my spare time.
i've wanted to steal and polish Star Wars Evolution for a while. i say as long as it's for the better of the game and you're the only person/group interested in developing it further then it's no different than having the original creator(s) polish it
I agree. For a long time I've been contemplating doing a polished version of SpaceTug by Gughunter.
Go for it
Right now, I'm reprogramming the entire game, due to the old code being a little, well, inefficient.

Some of the icons aren't that great, so I'll either be leaving them out or having them redone.