Applies to:DM Language
Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
Summary: This proc would check to see if the player is logged in as a guest or not. Would make blocking guest keys from joining a game easier.

I was thinking it would work like the IsByondMember() proc:

is_guest = TRUE
src << "Log into your pager for a fuller game experience!"
is_guest = FALSE
src << "Thank you for playing!"

I have a habit of blocking guest keys and from what I know of, there isn't a legit way of checking if the player is on a guest key or not. This would be a nice simple addition, in my opinion.
return (copytext(person.key,1,6)=="Guest")
Super Saiyan X's function will do fine. The registration system doesn't allow keys to be made with 'Guest' at the beginning. The 'Guest' key Hiro mentioned is still used for DMCGI and similar things as the guest account.
Ah, I wasn't aware that the locksmith had reserved names.
At present, "Telnet@" and (in the future) "Flash@" are also used at the beginning of guest keys for those connection types.
LordAndrew resolved issue (Redundant)
As pointed out by Super Saiyan X, this can easily be soft-coded.
return key == "Guest-[computer_id]"