Anyone know of a good voting system code in DM? Preferably not Garthor's example in the Developer Forums, but something simple but efficient? Thanks
May I ask why you don't want to use his system? It looks sufficient. Is it because there is something you do not understand in it?

Here's an example of how to start that off:
startVote("What is your question?", \
list("Here","are","your","choices"), \
600 (for 1 min <- 1 min * 60 sec/min * 10 tick/sec), \
secret = 1 if you don't want the world to know each other's vote)

if("Yes" == startVote("Do you like Sailor Moon?",list("Yes","No","What?"),300,0)) // 30 second vote
(I broke up the startVote() for readability)
What type of voting? Is it more of a Poll, Ballot, Ranking, Questionnaire, single question, etc?

Do you want Output, UI, map, dialog driven?

I've always enjoyed the honor code.
I was looking for voting where you pick someones name from a list then add a vote to that person then count the votes.

I could use "alert" or "input" & "in list" but how could I do the actual votes? A new var?