Last post I was going to make stranded downloadable but it got a bit delayed and there's good and bad news.

Good News: One reason it got delayed was because I was implementing and testing out a sexy light system provided by D4RK354B3R the light system is only available Here and is pretty epic.

Bad News: The "louder" portion of the update couldn't work with the light system and I just got a bit too busy, so I fixed up a few issues around and I think it's ready.

Officially Open-Aplha.
You can download stranded from its hub or using this direct link Here.
Well... I walked around for about 2 minutes, with an annoying red blotch flashing across the screen and my character grunting for unknown reasons. I then figured I was tired, and slept. It took forever for resting to be over, seriously, I went and watched a youtube video and it wasnt over. After that, I wondered around some more and died. I have no idea why, I was just dead. And then i got this runtime error...

runtime error: Cannot modify
proc name: Die (/mob/proc/Die)
source file:,229
usr: Boxcar (/mob/Player)
src: Boxcar (/mob/Player)
call stack:
Boxcar (/mob/Player): Die("dehydration")
Boxcar (/mob/Player): Thirst()
Boxcar (/mob/Player): StatusSet()

In the runtime error it says I died of dehydration so im going to give it another go and see if I cant just drink the ocean water...
Yeah I realized that bug was there and fixed it, but the Hub doesn't seem to be alerting updates correctly.

Edit: You gave me a cool idea, to make it obvious which stat is causing death the bar now flashes. :)
Im not sure the random generation makes trees or grass because all I can find is beach, and even then there's only like 3 islands I can get to because if there are any others they are surrounded by the harsh waves.

The hardest thing really is how fast the food bar goes up and how scarce food is. At least you can keep drinking the ocean water for the thirst bar. Really though I think all the bars go up to quickly.

Also the jellyfish are extremely annoying.They can hit you from the water for some reason. Why do jellyfish aggro anyway? I think sharks would be better for that role.

When I wasnt getting gang banged by jellyfish though the game was pretty interesting. I just wish I couldve found some forest.

Hm, I'll adjust the bar growths, all that was redone and I think time intervals got messed up. By the way drinking ocean water isn't recommended as springs/ponds give more.

Also, sharks are actually found in deep ocean. ;)
I've been doing some testing as it looks like your world got closed mid save, or it tried to save but got cut off. I'd suggest using dream-daemon to play as it's shut-down sequence saves properly.

Edit: You're going to have to find where stranded is stored and delete the folder marked 'system'.
I wiped everything and downloaded anew and now I can find forest! Its alot easier to find food now lol.

I'll probably be sinking a good amount of time into this game, its pretty cool. My CPU does skyrocket when playing though.
Game is pretty nicely done. it does seem the fatigue, thirst and hunger meters rise rather quickly tho. Can't really walk around and look at much without having to stop to rest and eat and drink every couple of minutes
I couldn't play it because the CPU usage just skyrocketed when I opened it :P
Yeah, world generation is a kick in the pants. My specs are better than most PCs so I wasn't even aware of a cpu issue during normal play. I'm going to whip up a settings option for adjustable settings and such.
Talk about effort! Nice job! Sure the game still has some problems, but the effort you're putting into the game is impressive! Looking forward to more updates and fixes. GJ!