Lately I have been working on a game, which is temporarily called "League of Power". The concept itself is simple, players create their own skills out of the abilities they are given, develop them and battle other players.

I have taken advantage of the new map format, SIDE_MAP, to create a semi-3D environment similar to isometric, you can rotate the screen around and interact with the environment in 3 dimensions.

The character itself is my old trusty chibi-rayman style mob.

The compass on the HUD shows in the direction of North at all times.

The skills displayed on the Hotbar are all custom made from the abilities the character possesses, the icon on the skill is also customized from several parts, which are available in the customization process.

Jumping on buildings is one of the simple applications of the three dimensions of movement which are available for the characters.

Abilities which the players can obtain are categorized into several. Basic, Super Power, Travel Power and Sub Power.

Basic abilities are the commands, which everyone possesses, for example making the character move, turn or jump.

Super Power as an ability is the main source of the players power. Depending how much the player uses it or how efficiently they can manage it, the power shall provide them with an advantage over others, either by augmenting their physical characteristics or manipulating the environment.

The next up in line is the Travel Power, the ability which gives the player different possibilities to incorperate the Super Power they have obtained, so far there are four: Super Speed, Super Jump, Levitation and Teleportation, each of those gives the player benefits, which mean either life or death.

Finally the Sub Power, I haven't given much thought to it yet, however it is something of a secondary power or supplementary power next to the main one, probably a nerfed version of Super Power.

As you probably have noticed, there are several circle like things on the map, they are pressure pads, jumping pads and teleporters. They are activated by stepping on them, as the names would suggest.

I decided to do something like this since I am bored out of my mind by all the games where powers are preset and players aren't really able to come up with something original or creative.

The skill creation might appear confusing at first to some, but eventually people get used to it and grow to love it. As time goes on I can add more powers and abilities, which the players can take advantage of in combat.
Looks and sounds good, I'm following.
Very cool!
I'm looking forward to this game a lot. The skill system is very interesting and I would love to see it in action some day. I have spotlighted your game on my own blog, here's a link if you want to see it. Argonus?command=view_post&post=116296

I wish you good luck on your development, I can't wait to see this up and running soon.
Fire Bad :O lol....

How many classes do you hope to create in this game btw?