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recently I have been cleaning up the source, getting rid of old code, redoing a few other functions, etc.

The main system I have been working on is the login system, the character creation is pretty much completed to as far as I can get it to be without the graphics. The loading is pretty much done, just working out a runtime error I keep getting, but other then that everything is fine and dandy.


Since Teka want the progress of the game to speed up, I'm going to hire a part time programmer who can work without having the source (I will make this clear no one is getting their hands on the source), just to speed things up slightly, since I have websites that I need to work on as well as the game (One of those websites being DoC's). So if you want to help out with programming feel free to leave a comment here with some contact details and I'll contact you if I'm interested in you. Please be aware I wont have you doing major stuff, it'll just be the small simple things so I wont have to worry about them.

Compensation may be power in game, unless you're unfit to handle the commands given to you, then I'm afraid there will be no compensation.

If I find no one, I'll just carry on doing it myself, it's not a big deal to me, I'm just thinking Teka wants to get this game running again as soon as possible so I figured I'd get someone helping to speed things up.


After I have completed the login system, I will get back to work on the Quincies and the rest of the "Special Human" "Races".

* Updated Screenshot.
I could do a few minor things here and there. msn/email:

I'm working on a couple of projects too, but if you just need minor code done here and there, I can probably help.

No need for compensation of any kind tho. Just glad to donate to Teka for one :D
I could help. At the moment my own project is on hold.


But I think I already got you on msn.
I can do that and help even with major stuff if needed.

Contact me at or

PS. I'm not using MSN very much so if you choose me, post your decision here and I will start using MSN :P
what an awful way to get a programmer.

A good programmer really doesn't need the source. Just program what needs to be done and send it.

My only qualm is the compensation. As many people have stressed before, an administrative position is a responsibility, not compensation. You're basically giving someone another job on top of their programming job.
Yut Put, like I stated I'm not interested if I don't find anyone, and as Empirez team said, the programmer doesn't need the source (Especially for just small tasks here and there)

Also, I know it's not really compensation, that's why I said if they can't handle the commands given to them, they will be removed from that person and you will of worked for no compensation at all.

Teka pays enough to the community, so I'd not allow him to pay people (Yes I'm the one who keeps saying don't to him so he can save money to get things for himself) to work (Especially since it's a non-profit game so he wouldn't even make his money back), and I certainly don't have the cash to be handing it out freely.

While I'm at it, Yut Put.. It sounded nothing like that. If you're going to try have a whinge about me not handing out the source, go get some lessons at whinging first (Not sure if what you did could be consider trolling, it'd be rather bad if it was lol so I used the word whinging).
Nice, cant wait to see the game up again. Id love to help, but sadly i cant, ive got my hands full with continuing Bleach Eternity. :/
I will compensate said person with being nice to them instead of being a dick head like usual. Also I'll trade skills? Their help with programming on this game for my help with art for their future games.
Oh damn! Now I will battle for this possition! Since my pixel artist quit all the sudden. >_>
We've actually decided to go with Kisioj, since both me and Teka have known him for quite a long time.

So when you read this, Kisioj, you've been accepted. Next time I see you on msn, I'll give you something to work on.
Roger that. It's 4:05 am here so I go to sleep now. When I wake up; in like 10 hours I will turn my MSN on and wait for you. :P