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I think it's time for me to delve into sharing my modest opinions on BYOND games in the form of game reviews. I do have quite a few reviews for BYOND games that I have already partially written in the past that I would love to post, but I want to space them out a bit so I have time to expand on them further and for my readers to pace themselves. Also, I will need to revisit the games and update the reviews but as I still have a connection problem with my BYOND pager it might be a while before I may do so. In the meantime I would greatly appreciate some suggestions from the community for games that I should check out and possibly review in the future. I should note that I am already aware of popular games such as NEStalgia and SS13, so there is no need to suggest them, I want to look for more underrated games. I look forward to your suggestions and hopefully I can fix my connection issues with my pager soon.