Poll: Is it a good idea to add a Village just for BYOND members ? with rare whatnot's?

Yes, but it better be good 66% (20)
No, give the NON membership players a chance ;D 33% (10)

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Poll ends on - Monday July 11th, 2011.
What exactly do you mean?
Like, I'm deciding if I should give the people whom bought a membership for BYOND more benefit in my games, such as rare clothing, items, new village etc.. so I was wondering if a village would be perfect for them, if you know what I mean :/
I would go with no, byond members shouldn't get any advantages.
It would work fine, as long as the benefits don't include huge stat boosts and uber speshul strong skeelz.

Of course ! I'm not that crazy with benefits o.O
@Liam Howe

Alright, thanks for your opinion !
I don't like the idea of games giving members advantages that normal non-playing members get. My reason is that BYOND already supplies the rewards for purchasing a membership. Therefore why should other games give members in-game advantages? I can't change anybody's mind, but if you're already going ahead with the idea.

Like MagicBeast stated, please do NOT include uber stats and godly skills of death to members. We already have enough games that do that, we don't need anymore! Just be fair to both non-paying members and paying members and both parties will be happy.
They will have a slight advantage . Nothing big, Heck I should make a village for Non members too.. idk xD
Well in the end its your choice, your game. If it becomes a problem later in the game, you could always tweak it. :P