I updated Wargames the other day, although a new server crashed in the first few hours due to a powercut, there is a new one up running fine though now.

The last rounds results are posted here:

This version is largely balancing, I felt a need to raise era prices significantly and give additional benefits to unpun'd nations by limiting uranium for puns and doubling the income per turn limit for unpuns.

Bombers will see themselves having a harder time, not only can they be attacked in Air Superiority battles but Sam sites have a higher kill ratio. In addition, there is two new units as Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) to make shooting them down easier.

On top of that, there is some fixes, and the start of a more prominent help guide on the menu.

These are the new updates:

* Fix: Propaganda now works correctly.
* Fix: You can no longer spam unpun messages.
* Fix: Ports wern't showing in MoI, rearranged too.
* Fix: Potential bugfix for airport/helipad space when buying units. 'Double checks' now before buying any unit.
* Fix: Space Leaders had a habit of missing out the first person who reaches each stage.
* Change: Removed alliance text from 'me' command.
* Change: Raised era costs to make it more challenging:
- Early Middle: 1 Million (500,000 before)
- Late Middle: 2.5 Million (1m before)
- Enlightenment: 5 Million (2m before)
- Industrial: 15 Million (5m before)
- Great War: 50 Million (10m before)
- Interwar: 100 Million (50m before)
- World War 2: 500 Million (200m before)
- Post WW2: 1,000 Million (500m before)
- Modern: 2,500 Million (1000m before)
- Future: 10,000 Million (5000m before)
* Change: MoI is now split into two just like MoW. This was necessary as it run out of space.
* Change: Character limit for nations/alliances halved from 100 to 50.
* Change: You can now attack bombers in Aerial bombardment.
* Change: It is now possible to get an extra 2 land from combat.
* Change: Sam Sites can now take out more Bombers.
* New: There is now a nerfing of Uranium meaning you get only half Uranium while punned.
* New: Unpunning will now give you a twice as large limit before modern era so you can earn more cash while upgrading era.
* New: There is now reference sheets via the menu which explains roughly the game in managable and relevant chunks.
- Attack: It contains a basic explanation of attacking as well as the requirements for land capture.
- Building: It contains a basic explanation of how to build, as well as different building types.
* New: New units, there are 2 new units as Anti-Aircraft Artillery. They shoot down aircraft.


* Change: Rank names now have a character limit like nation and alliance names.
* New: Subscribers can now set a special message when bombing.
* New: Subscribers can now set a custom motto.
Does anyone on BYOND have a longer "My Games" list? o.o
Lol Ace bloke is probably the hardest working developer on the site that blogs about it anyway.

Good job on all your efforts you do so many updates it's really amazing how much you seem to do. :)
Yeah its pretty fair to say I blog the most ;p

And I do believe there was one guy with more, but they had less 'finished' games.
Acebloke wrote:
Yeah its pretty fair to say I blog the most ;p

And I do believe there was one guy with more, but they had less 'finished' games.

You mean Manio. He had much more than you but only 1 or 2 were playable. They were very bad too :P