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Trying to regain motivation to pixel, so i thought i should challenge myself. I thought it may help to pixel random things just to get the gears rolling again.
starting with something simple.

Original character concept(for the most part)[WIP] will post updates when available.
Looking great so far. Hope you're back and well with motivation soon :P
heh heh.
If you need something else to work on, let me know. I have some small stuff that you could do ;) lol
Trying out a new pallet for rocks C&C?Too Realistic?

will fix the AAing

... Mirrors edge ? XD in fact, it does :P
i guess its purely coincidence seeing as i vaguely remember mirrors edge,let alone the protagonist of it. Ill look it up hehe,im curious. :)


Oh i see,it does show some resemblance hehe.
The outline of the rocks being highlighted looks rather weird, yet somehow fitting.
Looks like Bleach *cough*
When you say "character concept" do you mean that your audience can experience a decent story behind her? Visually, she's breasts on a stick with no arms and torn clothes in alluring places. Pixel randomly and enjoy your porn, but you might want to dig a little deeper for characters. ;)
I guess WIP doesn't mean anything anymore. I dont see how you can make these assumptions when the character is nowhere near complete.

And what I was trying to get at through 'original character concept." is simply the fact that it was not made to be reference to any specific character in any specific franchise, intentionally.

And quite frankly im kind of offended. Porn? You don't go around calling the David porn do you? Nothing is shown here that not suitable for minors.
No offense intended. I am attempting to make you aware of the kinds of decisions that get criticized in video game culture. =)
Tafe wrote:

... Mirrors edge ? XD in fact, it does :P

Yeah, that game. I forgot the name of it.
ACWraith wrote:
No offense intended. I am attempting to make you aware of the kinds of decisions that get criticized in video game culture. =)

Criticized? There are gargantuan boobs and skimpy outfits in just about every video game that comes out nowadays. I think there are more people enjoying it than people hating it.
Ah,well I'm not developing the character anymore at this point, and moving to finish the background first. so yeah she'll remain a stick with breasts until then. :)
dem feet
fixing :) Im not too familiar with this perspective.
Base colors for middle ground.
I was not judging the effort put into drawing. It's visually pleasing. And, though I wish people wouldn't confuse the two, I'm fine with both breasts and sex appeal. My mistake was in questioning character design that I now know wasn't intended.

The character is a stereotypically attractive female. Torn clothing means something ripped it. Being armless implies little defense. The fact that the tears are in alluring cleavage and midriff areas implies a sexual attack or perhaps a method to seduce in order to survive her armless existence. There could be a story to make her less of a victim, but the visuals are not describing it at the moment.

I'm not a prude. I actually think some of the industry's cries of misogyny are counterproductive. I merely suggest that character designers (intentional ones ;)) keep in mind what they're presenting and why it's relevant. =)
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