Ok guys so, I've started making a new game and I want some feed back on my game mechanics so far. so without unnecessary banter here it is.

Shin Itsuki Saga

Basic Game Mechanics

• Game will be set at a screen size of 29 by 19 and wont be changeable. The game should automatically load up on the clients computer at the right screen size and they shouldnt be able to change it.
• Game will have an intro screen using 3 different loading screens each fading into the other with a skip intro button at the bottom so you can skip straight to the login screen.
• There will be no tabs and such things every thing will be displayed on screen via on screen HUDs and pop up inventory and skill screens.
• There will be a hotslot bar using the normal 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 0 keys, macros will be set to A for basic attack, Z for interacting with NPCs, C for Character menu popup, I for inventory menu pop up, N for Skills menu popup, D for pick up, Pressing SPACE will activate your chat bar.
• There will be a HUD showing your health, mana and experience also quick buttons for entering your characters skill tree, pop up inventory menu, character menu and skills menu.

Character Game Mechanics

• Character customization will be offered when you first make your character via choosing what skin colour you want, what hair style and colour you want and what eyes you want. You will also have to choose a first and last name from your character and decide with squadron youre in (Red, Green or Blue) This decides what colour your first set of clothes are and gives you access to squadron chat.
• Players will go through a quick tutorial when they first log in to get used to the mechanics of the game, they also have the choice of skipping the tutorial completely and start the game straight away, although the tutorial will supply you with some money and your first few levels to gain skill points and start spending into your skill tree.
• Players will level up by completing quests given from NPSs with green stars above their heads as long as they have the required level needed to take on the quest, By killing progressively through stronger enemies and by taking part in world events that can be triggered by online admins at any time.
• As players level they get Skill Points and Stat Points to spend into their character pop up screen and Skill Tree. To balance the fighting out during PVP there will be a restriction on how high you can raise a stat depending on your level so say youre level 5 that means your strength wouldnt be allowed any higher than 10 and etc...
• Characters will have 4 elements to progress through each with their own skill tree, they wont be restricted to just one element but if they dont go all in one element then they wont be able to access that elements high end skills, the elements are Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Subscribers will have access to 2 extra elements Darkness and Light.
• Players will be able to use money to reset their skill points and stat points if they want to try out different specs on their characters
• The character pop up menu will have 4 empty slots available for the character to put on equipment, one for a weapon, one for a suit and 2 for accessories. Players will be able to drag these items from their inventory pop up menu to the slots. Players can buy new items to use from Vendor NPCs and by defeating monsters and gaining them as loot.
• Players can regain health by resting inside a building, this is a slow way to regain health and mana, or they can consume food bought from vendor NPCs or the can go to the hospital which is the fastest way to heal.
• Players will be able to create parties with each other and take on enemies together, people in parties gain bonus experience as long as they are all within 5 levels of whoever made the killing blow to the enemy, no bonus exp will be given when handing quests in though.
• World events such as monster out breaks and tournaments will be accessible to the games admins to create, for instance they will be able to go to a part of the city and create a portal that will let out a number of weak, medium, strong or boss like daemons and a world event will take place where they all need to be killed, these monsters would give you extra event experience to normal enemies. Tournaments will be held by the admins and they will be allowed to give experience, money or special items to the winners.
• Players will be able to alter their characters looks by doing to a Vendor NPC and using money to change their appearance.

Fighting Game Mechanics

• Players will only be able to PvP in certain designated areas of the game so as to make sure there is no constant spam killing, players will be able to challenge each other if they see people out in the open that they want to fight but they wont be able to damage each other if they dont accept the challenges. Accepting the challenge will enable your PvP marker meaning other players can attack you as long as they have their marker enabled.
• Players will be able to drag their skills from their pop up skills menu to their 10 slot bar ready for quick use in battle.
• All skills will have a separate cool down and certain skills wont be usable if you already have certain other skills active.
• Players wont be weak to elements unless they have debuffs on them from enemies or other players, however many enemies will be susceptible to certain elements whilst being strong against others.
• Double clicking directly on a fellow player or enemy will bring up a bio of their stats as long as they are within 10 levels of you otherwise it will just say they are significantly stronger than you.
• The fighting will all be done in real time, certain enemies will be able to use skills against you and may be faster than others with less delays to their attacking speed, some will aggressively attack you on sight where as others wont attempt battle with you until you make the first move.
• All characters will be able to access their own skill trees where they can spend points on gaining to skills some will be passive skills that effect your characters stats and such and others will be new attacks that you can level up to master.
• Players who die to NPCs will loose a certain amount of their money and some experience and will respawn in the city hospital fully healed, regardless of where they where. Players defeated in PvP will respawn where they where killed instantly with their PvP marker disabled and with half health and mana.
• Wining a PvP battle will not switch your marker off, you have to wait 60 seconds for it to automatically switch its self off.

In Game Examples

Character Menu

• Here is an example of what the pop up character menu could look like, the 4 slots for your equipment and your 6 main stats strength (increases damage), defence (increases resistance), Agility (increases speed and lowers certain cooldowns), dexterity (increases critical hit chance), vitality (increases health), magic (increases power of certain attacks and mana).

Alright that's all I've gotten through at the minute sooo, tell me what you guys think.
I love how the icons look.
I'm glad you like it :)
Pretty cool. Stay motivated and keep up the progress!
Looks good.
Thanks guys I'll be sure to see this one through.
Sounds intresting! Can't wait for more progress! Good luck.