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I have done a few updates everyday, be they either minor or major.

The first major update would be the landscaping, they can have various altitudes. Related to this update I had to make a few graphical improvements, it takes up a bit more resources and processing power, but the looks are great or so it seems anyway.

Next to the previously mentioned landscaping, I have fixed a lot of gliches and balanced out a few things.

I have started with the inventory system. For now I created a temporary interface to manage your items, but looking for a different way to making it, not quite sure how I want to make it look at the moment, but it isn't that much of an importance anyway.

I suppose planning out a few things is in order. Also, since the skills of the characters are customize-able, I have been thinking that I might let players build things as well and make the world landscape randomized for every wipe. Landscape itself might not be modified by player interaction, but structures such as buildings, vehicles and other sort of technology would be made by players, by purchasing resources and crafting, this gives a major use to character intelligence.

As you might have noticed, I am not a major fan of pre-made things, since I love variety and support creativity.

Well, I might have missed out on a few things I changed and updated, but I suppose it is not that important.
Definitely interested
Good stuff.
Great design so far. I wish I could have changed the grid_size etc for this, "Command 'N Conquer" type game; so the landscape could be dynamicly changed from explosions etc. And drills/boats to go underground/underwater and more. Thanks for posting this, it'll help me out for the dynamic terrain&objects being able to be destroyed and rebuilt(Like the new "Red "Faction, only it's an RTS in the Medieval times.
can i help you with the one piece game