As you've seen, DungeonDan is working hard on the new pixel art, and it seems to be coming along quite nicely. He's remaking all of the characters' sprites to remove the ones I got from RPG maker, and some I got from the open source of the original Rise of Heroes. He's expecting to have the full list of characters, monsters, items, weapons, armor and tiles finished sometime in the next couple of weeks.

The pre-alpha should still be released on time. I just finished adding in the player's attack system and did some cleaning up of my code. I did the 3, exclusive, pre alpha medals today along with the saving/loading system.

The original source, as I've stated before, was completely scratched in favor of something more efficient. I'm not the most experienced programmer you will find on BYOND, but I know how to use the blue book and some demos and libraries are quite helpful also.

The monsters and NPCs have been revamped. The old system I first created was a bit sluggish and caused a little bit of lag, so I rearranged some of it and took out some unneeded b/s.

Double D is finishing up the first few areas of the map and the first bit of items and characters you will meet in the pre alpha along with the monsters and the PreAlpha Boss. There will most likely be a level cap in the pre alpha and the boss will be quite tough. Odds are, I'm going to use it to promote the party system I am working on and should complete by tomorrow or Wednesday, making it impossible to beat the boss alone.

The three medals in the pre alpha will be exclusive to only the pre alpha, unattainable in the beta or full release. Also, defeating the boss may allow you access to a rare item that will carry over to the beta and full release, so if you aren't doing anything better once we see fit to release the PA, drop in and bring some friends, party up and take it to the boss!

Although the name is the same as the original Rise of Heroes, nothing else is. The programming is completely redone by me and all of the art has been completely redone by Double D. Some of the characters may carry over, but they will be accompanied by all new sprites and items. The maps are all new, courtesy of DungeonDan and there will be plenty of new adventures to come!

Keep your eyes peeled for the release and get yourself some exclusive medals and that rare item! The pre alpha will only be up for a day or so once it releases, so don't miss it!

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I know i cant wait