Battle system is being started. As I am sure I've said before (If not only Teka knows) I am following a certain order. So, what I am doing first is getting all of the quincy techniques and the entire Quincy "race" completed. Then going onto the other special human races, then shinigami and hollow, then vaizards and arrancar.

So as you may of guessed, this post is about the Quincies! At the minute you can now attatch/detach your bow, and also shoot a single arrow. Each attack has its own cooldown so it will not get in the way. The idea of the arrow is that the more you Master your bow, the further your bow will go, and more damage it will take. For example when you first get a bow your attack power is cut by 30%, and you have to work to increse your mastery over your bow, until it'll eventually be 100% mastered where you will not lose out on any attack power, and the range of the attack will increse.

As a none-quincy part, you can now melee fight.

No screen shot today as it seems Graphics work is going pretty slow to show anything new.

Also Kisioj has been working incredibly well for us, I'll leave it up to him if he wishes to let you know what he's been doing he can by all means tell you if he wishes, or he can keep it a secret to have you all guessing, I for one think his most recent piece of work is going to be amazing!

To finish this post, some testing will happen to test each race when it's completed, so once the Quincy race is completed there will be testing going on to test out that "race" of human.
il play the game after the ongoing refreshments... no doubt
I've activated the forum on this blog so everyone can make suggestions. Enjoy.