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Total Unique Users: 1964
Total New Users Since Last Update: 72
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Total Bonuses Given Since Last Update: 2235

Total Asset Submissions: 185
Total Approved Asset Submissions: 104
Total Asset Submissions Since Last Update: 9

Total User Earnings: $338
Total User Earnings Since Last Update: $2

Total Withdraw Amount: $151
Total Withdraw Amount Since Last Update: $31

Total User Silver: 212028

Command Sergeant Major: 1 - (Active Payout Earnings: 10817)
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Private: 190 - (Active Payout Earnings: 5135)
Recruit: 693 - (Active Payout Earnings: 2959)

Total Contributors: 63

We've had a few new asset submissions. One of which was created to import your hubs fan list so you can reward them in game which I'm applying to the Resource Center right now.

Users will earn a new badge for being a fan of the Resource Center. They will also earn a one time Silver bonus and if your a BYOND Member, you will get a little extra Silver in your BYOND Member Daily Bonus. This work is nearly done.

The next task will be to figure out what to do with Teka and his donation. I pretty much know what I'm going to do and it's a simple change. As soon as I finish the above change, I'll do this one.

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Poplava Challenge V1.5

There are about 35 days remaining! I've had a lot of people ask about the contest but it's been very quiet in terms of people announcing their progress. Not sure what to make of it.

What's Next?
- Brain storming for the RC. Ideas ideas ideas... and partnerships...!?

To learn more, go here: PopLava Challenge #1