I'm an open book, and sure, the classical "selective staff" works. But truth is, the way some games are done, is by using help from outside resources. And so, I want help from you. I'm capable of handling maps, my only issue is enemies, characters, etc.

So heres the deal, if you want a character in the game, go ahead and sprite it. I know the chance of even 1 person posting a character is slim, so I'll also continue iconning for AM Knight. Please note, the icons must be original and must be able to fit side scrollers.

I can animate. Just post 1 frame of a character I seriously don't mind animating it. So please, I need the help to make this game happen.

I don't care about size, also, I'm still looking for someone to sprite for me, DungeonDan is just... I assume he quit. Here's Zan's icon, non splashed, since I finished animating him.

The character can look human, monsterous, and any size. Any armour, any weapon. A list of skills and moves would help.

Remember, all I need is one frame per character, so if you can take the time to help me after reading this, it'd be greatly appreciated.
But take your time, it may be one frame, but it'll look good when its a nice quality animated character.
I should be able to make a couple sprites for you to animate.
Boxcar wrote:
I should be able to make a couple sprites for you to animate.

Ah, yes plz. Would be a great help. ^^
I wish i could help but i have no membership.But i like the idea of posting one frame of a character and then you animate it.
You don't need membership.