Create your own text-based roleplays, using the power of an RPG Battle System!

I have just released a new byond game, or should I say tool, that allows players to create their own text roleplay/RPG Universe.

Welcome to Rp Radio - Custom Edition

Rp Radio CE is a bare-bones easily editable version of my infamous BYOND TXTRPG engine.

Create your own roleplays and use the power of the RPG System where you can create NPCs, Enemies, Equipment, Items, Skills, and more!

You can edit the skin, make things look exactly how you want to, customize nearly everything about your server.

You can also import and export other people's databases with ease, allowing you to create backups of your server savefiles and learn about the workings of other servers.

With RpRCE, The RPG is yours!

Download and play Rp Radio Custom Edition Here
Fixed the hyperlink. Thanks for noticing!
If the system is infamous...why would anyone use it?
@ExPixel, I lol'd.

The game's moreso released for my followers who have been wanting a CE for some time.

I'm pretty proud of this engine, i've been refining it since 2004. It's not really famous in that I go advertising it around, but the engine's pretty damn powerful with plenty of features.
It's sad that this wont be updated until Neo finishes. Makes me sadface.
I got a project for you. Click on my page.