Teka donated 25$ to "PopLava" so I'm putting it into the PopLava Challenge prize pool.

1st place is now paying out $150.00 + 25k Silver.

I'll revisit this in the weekly report but wanted to give a heads up to everyone.

I incorporated a new policy which converts donations into XP (1$ == 1000XP). Donations go toward whatever the active PopLava project is. If no project exists, the donations will be distributed among the ranking contributors.

Based on this new policy, Teka's dontation has earned him 25k XP in the Resource Center which means he will start earning "Active Member" Payouts as the 2nd highest ranking member.

What does this mean? As an example, if tsfreaks sells something for 1000 Silver, tsfreaks gets half (500 Silver) as the top ranking member, teka gets half the remaining (250), and then it continues on down the ranks until the recruits get whatever is leftover which is typically lotto'd off because there isn't enough to spread it evenly.

In short, if you can't or don't want to contribute your way to the top, you can certainly buy (donate) your way there. :) The good thing about this system is that the donations go back to the contributors and people who donate can actually earn it back over time and have a little fun with it.

One last thing. I added a new badge which will earn you some XP and some free silver when you become a fan of the Resource Center. The checks happen once a day so you will get your badge and silver the following server day. Just a friendly thank you for becoming a fan. Oh, BYOND members who are fans will also earn +10 Silver every day now.

Get involved, have some fun.

Connect: Resource Center
More: Info

To learn more, go here: PopLava Challenge #1
The plot thickens. (:
Very interesting concept with the silver fountain.
Oasiscircle wrote:
The plot thickens. (:
Very interesting concept with the silver fountain.

"Silver Fountain"..., can I trademark that? :P

It's a fun concept and seems to be working a little bit. The point is to give people of taste of opportunity and hopefully get people excited about contributing and working together.
@PopLava: And to give lazy people a way to rake in cash as well! ;)
And yeah, go ahead and use that term, you Silver Fountaineer. (: