Hey Everyone,

I know you all been waiting for this 1.4 update, so here is the deal. Recently I moved so my time being around is a lot less. I will still be around just not as much till I get net back.

Now for the bigger news and the good news. Being my lack of internet and well other things to occupy my time in my new location. I should have an open beta for 1.4 in a week or two. Being testing right now is showing it is working and I have a few minor things to get into it before I do the Open Beta. So those looking to help and change over before the full release. Then will be the time.

Now for the bad news, being problems I been having with servers and the hub. After the full release, no server before 1.4 will appear on the hub being I will be changing the password to something new. This means all 1.3.3 servers will be forced private until the update. This being with the following. The new multiple page world info is incompatible with the older version so you will need to manually transfer unless you start a new server. This is the only thing so far I know will need to be switched over, but we will find out more about the incompatibility switching versions. If you are requesting changes to the programs or addition please request them here or in the other previously requested locations. I do not have access to my messenagers like I use too. So if you want to try and get it in before final release of the beta. PLEASE post here.

-Anthony Hawkina

tl;dr: when you switch to 1.4, please manually back up your World setting information manually to a text file.