I took a while to sit down last night, and think about AM Knight's system overall, it seemed fun, but it didn't seem like there was enough. So, I decided to add a Pawn Control feature, in which you control your character's pawn, and work your way to a portal. I've decided to add at least 4 of these per chapter. The blue dots are items that effect the people around you, or affect yourself, such as making you invincible for a few seconds, or increasing health, or reducing yours or your enemy's health, and much more. The funny looking red X's are locks, and require a key, to unlock. Once you've entered a portal, you continue on to the next Pawn Control. At the 4th Pawn Control, there will be a boss that ends the chapter.
Welp here's a screeny.

I guess it could use some polish, but looks pretty cool for now if you ask me.
Anyway, I have some pixel artists, and I could still use more, it'd allow me to be closer to finishing this game, until then, I'll be posting about a demo sometime this week, as well as more information on subscriptions, and how asynchronous will work with the server.
I love the graphics. Keep it up!
This looks nifty, but I have no idea what AM Knight's "system" is and the hub entry offers no help. Perhaps making a habit of putting a short game description in your posts would be beneficial. =)