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I haven't reported much about the progress for a while, so I will list a few of the updates I have done throughout the past days. Although there might be something I forgot.

Update 13.07.2011
  • Damage and healing on-screen display based, instead of text based output.
  • Tweaked the interface around a bit.
  • Added snow and ice turfs.
  • Various bug fixes.

Update 14.07.2011
  • Added on-screen health and energy displays.
  • Player names can't contain several blacklisted words.
  • Player names can no longer contain spaces, numbers and symbols.
  • Added skin hue support to mob icons.
  • Fixed the usage of Super Jump, the way it was supposed to work.
  • Made changes to the swimming function, to make it more efficent.
  • Health regeneration now only gets displayed on the screen when it is unnatural.
  • Various small bug fixes.

Update 15.07.2011
  • Started working on class system.
  • Added a new Super Power called Energy Cloak.

The health and energy bars are very simple as a matter a fact, I am also going to make it show the current energy level with numbers, but haven't got that far, it is highly probable I am going to change the bars, however not at the moment, since I don't have any design ideas.

The class system itself is different from the first idea I had, the first idea regarding powers was that everyone gets one Super Power and a Travel Power and the Super Power advances into the Sub Power. The Majority of this system remains the same, however you get two Super Powers instead of one and they usually come in different combinations.

As I mentioned in my first post about the game, the name is only temporary. If anyone has any suggestions regarding the name, you can let me know in the comment section.

That is it for today, I hope you are not too disappointed about the progress.

I am not going to change the previous post, so I shall add a little extra, the few changes I did. The major change would be the health and energy meters on the screen. They looked too dull, but I still think the current one won't be the final one.