What happen to this game? Ya'll abandoned it or something?
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No, Materralphy55's computer broke so he's getting that fixed and Bravo1 is waiting on him for more things on developing the game.
Still waiting for Ralphy's computer! For the time being, I will refer to Naruto the Abridged Series:

Hayate: Now the first match...
*computer randomizing and chooses Sasuke*
Hayate: And now another person will be chosen to fight Sasuke...
*computer says "Sasuke VS Sasuke"*
Hayate: Huh? YOU STUPID COMPUTER! *kicking*
Anko: Hokage, did you program this computer?
Third Hokage: Heheheh.... Maaaaybeeeeee...
You guys seem to be currently setting the standard for new fighting games on BYOND.

I love you guys <3
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Mickemoose wrote:
You guys seem to be currently setting the standard for new fighting games on BYOND.

I love you guys <3

Aww, thanks!

Ralphy seems to have gotten a lot of issues fixed with his comp (or so I hear) so progress on the game should start back up soon. In the meantime, I've taken a long enough break and I'm probably going to go ahead and redesign the menus and finally add rounds and a Timer to the game.

The way the game will work will eventually become: At the main menu you can select "Vs Online", "Vs CPU", or "Training". You then choose "Quickmatch" or "Custom Match". In Quickmatch vs CPU you fight any enemy at 2 rounds with 60 second time limit. When you pick Custom Match, you'll be able to choose options, such as # of rounds to win, time limit, and whether or not unlockable characters are allowed. Then you can choose your character and the opponent is chosen by you or randomly.

The same works for Vs Online, however, Quickmatch will just put you into an available match, no matter the options. Custom Match will do a search for any available match with the options given, if there aren't any matches like that available it'll ask if you'd like to create one and wait for an opponent. After you find a match or an opponent finds yours, you can choose your character, with a 30 second time limit to prevent people from taking to long. I'll also do my best to make the character select screen navigateable by way of keyboard, but no promises.

After characters are selected the match will begin and it'll go on as usual.

For Training mode you just select your character, and then an AI character. Then the game will start a match with infinite time and regenerating health. The AI enemy, by default, will remain still and let you wail on them. If you want, you will be able to turn the AI on or off.

So yes. I'm going to get to work on remaking the character select screen right now. Hopefully you guys like where the game is going. =)
As it turns out, I had lost some files recently due to a computer wipe and I thought I had backed up NVS properly to my dropbox.

Unfortunately Shikamaru, as a coded character, was lost *weeps*.

So, Although the game is going to be getting a facelift, one character will be gone (for now). However, I'll do my best to make sure that I replace him with another character in the meantime. I'll also try to see if I might have had Shikamaru on another comp, if so I can just re-add him, but until then, he's down for the count. Sorry everyone ;__;
this game is dead
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Jondave15 wrote:
this game is dead

I just went over all the work I'm going to be doing on the game for the Beta. How is it dead? o__o
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This game isn't dead, it is just asleep until the updating finishes so it will wake up.

Just be patient and wait for the update instead of being an impatient idiot like the majority of people and you may actually get something good.
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Knowing you, you will fix it right away and release a new one for us to enjoy!

So far, bugs I found were:
Joining while the host is at a character select for a CPU match means you can modify who they choose or who they want to be the CPU.

Also, when they click next, everything works as it should, except you see a character select and no icons while they see the fight.

Apparently joining right after a match screws it up to where random crap happens and everyone's gotta relog.

Oh yeah, when you join during a match you can click the menu HUDs and screw it up even more. In fact, the title music plays while the fight music does at the same time until the title music ends and hopefully doesn't loop.

If you need my help on anything just ask! Also a suggestion would be to add more delay or less damage on shuriken, because it's spammable.

Oh yeah did you get my updated Sage Naruto?
God damnit why is it that every person that opens a server for Naruto VS never forwards their port!?!?

I wish I could host :(
~Hosting~ THERE! Going to try to Host whenever I can. 100 up and 30 down isn't bad for internet.

Edit: Something is wrong with it. Whenever someone logs off, it closes the whole server.
how do i play? im here logged n with someone and nothing happens
Masterralphy? I made a 64 x 64 icon thing for the hub. If you want it do reply.
this game is great but we need a live server
Decided to give this game another chance, once I catch Bravo on messenger, the production of this game will be dicussed =)
is anyone able to host
make a 24/7 server please
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