Resource Center V4.2


Total Unique Users: 1989
Total New Users Since Last Update: 41
Total User Visits Since Last Update: 219

Total Bonuses Given: 81190
Total Bonuses Given Since Last Update: 1280

Total Asset Submissions: 186
Total Approved Asset Submissions: 104
Total Asset Submissions Since Last Update: 1

Total User Earnings: $350
Total User Earnings Since Last Update: $11

Total Withdraw Amount: $151
Total Withdraw Amount Since Last Update: $0

Total User Silver: 227031

Command Sergeant Major: 1 - (Active Payout Earnings: 13613)
Private First Class: 1 - (Active Payout Earnings: 1353)
Private: 189 - (Active Payout Earnings: 6357)
Recruit: 688 - (Active Payout Earnings: 3640)

Total Contributors: 63

This Week:
- Added a new badge for fans, added a one time award for becoming a fan, increased the daily bonus for BYOND Members who are fans.

- Gave Teka123 25k XP for their donation which would have made him the 2nd highest ranking officer but he has yet to login and claim it. That, or I introduced a bug when adding this modification. Teka?

- Brainstorming... I struggled most of the week while trying to hash out a training center implementation but I came up with some other ideas.

- Convert Silver to XP option. The converted Silver gets distributed using the "Active Duty Payout" system. Oasiscircle coined a new phrase for this system which he called; "The Silver Fountain System". I actually love this name because it visually represents what happens and is a superior catch phrase. I will look into making this change. While its a small feature, it has potential to really mix things up in terms of ranks.

- Came up with how we can start a shared project center. Most of the work is already done, just need to create the work flow for it. Sharing projects will be based on your rank. Project owner controls who checks stuff out and what gets checked back in via code review process. A lot more thought needs to get put into this though.

- Increase BYOND Member Daily Bonuses based on rank. I was thinking of something like 5 Silver per rank. I've got to do some number crunching to see where this takes us.

The goal of ranks was to show how much someone has invested into the RC. Having people buy there way up via donations or XP conversions sort of changes that a little bit. They are still giving a contribution but it's less of a personal investment. When it comes to a future with project sharing, rank is supposed to matter because its all about trust.

As always, feedback is welcome on any features ideas.

This Week:
- Look into adding some of the above stuff.
- Hash out the project sharing idea.

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Poplava Challenge V1.5

There are about 29 days remaining! A decent concept can be thought of and created within a couple days. There is still plenty of time left for anyone procrastinating. ;)

To learn more about the contest, go here: PopLava Challenge #1