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Okay, it's crude, but after seeing this site a few weeks ago I can't get it out of my mind:

Superman is a dick

Neither can anyone else, apparently, as it got almost four million hits last week.

This comes up for me now because tonight we're off to see the long-anticipated Batman Begins film, and probably my favorite example of commentary from this site is this one.
I love that site.
this one was my favorite.
Diversity comes the Superman!
I always thought that SUperman was a bit of a dong. I mean his super patriot, eat your vegetables attitude was cool in post WW2, but as the US has become increasingly authoritarian in its attitudes, Superman's ties to the Ubermench philosophy become down right chilling. In the eighties I particularly liked Batman's clashes with him over areas like support of militant right wing groups. I guess I was more sympathetic to Batman's distrust of authority and criticisms of it's abuses as oppossed to Superman's "see no evil" attitude.

Plus it rocked to see just a plain old guy palm some kryptonite and beat the hell out of Superman. Brains v. brawn, indeed.
I'm enjoying the ongoing plot in Justice League Unlimited with goverment agents distrusting the League, Superman making bad decisions, and Batman having to decide who he trusts more.

That said, another halfway-decent site for comics jokes is Gone & Forgotten. However, it doesn't look like it's been updated in a while.