Sort of. What I'm actually releasing is the sourcecode to two projects of the past, currently unplayable:

Planetbreakers - A game about colonizing a planet with three different factions.

Vehicle Wars Radar

Planetbreakers includes a component that generates maps that look like this, as well as a radar using component and an artificial intelligence using component on "natives," a swarm of NPCs. (Spawn a /mob/combatant/native/native/hive anywhere to watch the little buggers go to work.)

Future Shock - A single player RPG.

The above video is to a game that was based on much of the same code, the Mech Game Framework. Perhaps the most interesting things about this single-character centric game is the utilization of the 3D sound support and the movement queuing mechanism.

Maybe I'll come back to finish them one day. (Who knows - maybe public visibility will spur my efforts?) Currently, it seems I've moved on to other things. If you can finish them before me, that will teach me for procrastinating.

What I'm releasing is mostly useful for academic purposes, but they include lots of interesting code and icons that may be interesting for folk to look at and/or utilize in their own projects.

They probably also include some embarrassing comments left by me being goofy. But I'm not proud, ridicule away. I think a lot of the newbies who check out this code will probably be helped (and at times mislead) because of my tendency to maintain very verbose comments.

Maybe some of you veteran coders could give me tips on what I'm doing wrong? (My current theory: I made the projects a hell of a lot more complicated than they needed to be before making them playable.) This is older code, I've become a bit better since I wrote it, particularly about modularizing my code.

I'd like to make them visible on the side of my BYOND Blog, but apparently I'm not allowed to do that unless the games are "playable?" They're not exactly "libraries." Maybe there's a way, I'll have to look into that later.
You should be able to make games visible. Currently we correlate "reviewable" games (reviewed for the front page listing) with visible ones, and those really should be separate concepts; it's still ok to make a game visible even if you don't want it to be reviewed. We'll work out a less clunky system at a later date.
Thanks, Tom, I'll do that.