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I needs a host for a few of my games.... i am poor so dont expect money... but i can supply admin and lifetime subs for my games...

if you are interested contact me at

or on under the username Ss4gogeta0

What spent too much on that "swagger" you wear?
Majin Furble wrote:
What spent too much on that "swagger" you wear?

At least he doesn't take creepy pictures of himself reading "Serial Killers 101".
No... actually its because I don't have a job and I'm too busy helping pay for things (like Groceries) and because I don't have a credit card, bank account, nor a paypal acct
Soo yea... also... what's wrong with my Swag?
anyway still need a host
Host it yourself.
erm... kinda hard when i am using a library computer... and when my father kind of has my computer... not to mention i dont have internet
ill host it o.o
Hey dude come try out my new game DBGT Mystic Legends! Over 200 Techs, Many Races, Many transformations, Karma Transformations!, Cool GMs, Guild Houses, Race Leaders, and coming soon a Car System, allowing players to buy a car and roam the streets! (Cars not allowed in buildings.)
i might try it out... at some point in time... It better be worth my time...
Not what i wanted to read.

(referring to several comments i deleted)
Sorry teka... Just had some Trolls on...
i can host :b add me on byond pager if ur interested
aight... might be a while before i can add you (Internet is kinda off) but I will get to ya