So I realized I never gave a proper summary of Peur Du Noir, so here you go!

  • Genre: Survival Horror/RPG
  • Players: Single Player


The player takes the role of a 13 year old girl named Aluma who has an acute fear of the dark. Her fear is caused by creatures that lurk in the dark known as Shadows which only she can see.

The game starts off with Aluma's mother leaving the house one afternoon to go to the town which is on the other side of a small forest. Upon leaving the house, she says "I'll be home soon.. Don't leave the house..".
Minutes later Aluma hears a scream pierce out of the woods and despite the hovering night, proceeds to chase after the scream.

Not far into the forest, Aluma finds her mother dead and decapitated. She picks up a lantern her mother had been carrying and proceeds to town to get whatever help she can.


The bulk of the game will be wandering through dark corridors, forests and forests as Aluma tries to figure out what happened to her mother and what is causing the Shadows to appear. However the game features some basic RPG elements such as quests.
The survival aspect is heavily influenced by Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Light is your friend as any source of light can keep the Shadows at bay. However light sources aside from your lantern are uncommon and your lantern is very limited on fuel(~5 minutes total) and best used as sparingly as possible. Another influence from Amnesia is a Sanity Meter.

The sanity meter keeps track of how sane Aluma is and will deplete whenever she is in the dark for too long. Having a high level of insanity will result in more hallucinations of the things that aren't actually there(seeing Shadows or glowing eyes when there really aren't).
Having a maxed out sanity meter for too long, will result in death. To recover your sanity, you can spend some time in the light or rest.

Shadows will appear more often in some areas than others. completely surrounding her at some points. However, as long as Aluma is in the light, she is safe. Light CAN be used as a weapon. If you light your lantern with a shadow within the lit area(~2 tiles) the shadow will be killed.

Yut Put has been gracious enough to do pixel work and Kat will kindly be animating the login screen.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask!

13 year old girl, not game. :P

Other than that, sounds fun. I'll probably get creeped out, to be honest.
Thanks for catching that.. XD
And that's the plan! C:
My vivid reading imagination really kicked in while I read the description. Doesn't help that it's storming outside. A few minutes ago I literally thought lighting hit right outside my front door. It was loud as f***. Surprised I didn't jump though.
Aluma is awfully close to Alma, the chief spooky girl from the FEAR series.
Never played the FEAR games. /:
I got Aluma from Illumination and twisted a couple letters around.
Right, but it's something you should probably consider changing.