Caution: Somewhat loud

Here's a video showing the basic setup of a new game I'm working on: Tanx.

The game is looking extremely smooth so far, and I've got the animations looking amazing.

The works in much a similar way to the basics of my other game- Darkness. Tanx has a few differences though...

Tanx is going to be a PvP/PvE game and it's based of an N64 game I used to love: Battletanx, however, it's is NOT a fan game, although it does have a similar title and premise, the games will work very differently.

Players will start off with a simple tank, which is comprised of a base and a turret. The base defines your speed, weight capacity, and overall defense, while the turret will cover the weapon type, swivel speed and fire rate.

Weapon damage will depend on the rounds being used. For example, If I have a standard turret using standard shells I can expect to do 20 damage. With high velocity shells, 24 damage. There will be many ammo types though, including napalm shells, Electric Shells, Acid Rounds, and many more, just for the standard turret.

There will also be Rail turrets, Laser turrets, Thrower turrets (Flamethrower, acidthrower, etc). Chain turrets (basically a minigun), and much more. Don't get me started on Dual Turret Systems ;)

On top of that there will be at least 10 different base types, to allow for higher armor or faster movement.

To add even more to the mix, attachments will be available. Side mounted miniguns, missile launchers, homing rockets, rpg's, minelayers, you name it.

Do you want to be a near impenetrable fortress that slowly lurks across the arena and just dishes out pain? You can do that.

How about a quick moving, chaingun tank that flies around, laying mines and filling your enemies with bullets? Yep.

Advancement will work in a similar way to First person shooters. You'll start as a rookie and move your way up the ranks, all the way to General. Ranks are gained based on the points you earn during combat, similar to the progression in Halo: Reach. The new ranks will unlock new equipment and attachments to your potential arsenal.

The plot for the game is: In the near future, an almost limitless form of energy has been discovered and, as a result, the idea of war is edging on extinction. With the world verging on total peace, one problem still remains: The disposal of the weapons of war. So far, only Tanks remain as the last weapons to be retired. Instead of letting them go to waste, the idea to use them in a new sport called "Tanx". Not only has war been nearly abolished, but now, the people of the world have anew favorite pass-time. The only question is, will you become the champion?

The ranks used in the sport are merely for show/progression so that individuals with excessive funding cannot tip the balance by over-equipping before they make a valid effort to battle.

I've wanted to make a game that includes customizability with an interesting advancement system since I first started byond and this looks like the best way to do it for me. Let me now what you think. =)

Edit: After doing some tests. The game can easily handle up to 50 players. Since the game will mostly be FFA or Team matches, I'm capping the players at 24. Gametypes will include, but are not limited to: 24-FFA, 12v12, 8v8v8, 6v6v6v6. Just to name a few. Also, I'll be looking into setting up custom color sets for use in FFA matches with the secondary colors showing up in team matches (much like the armor coloring in the Halo Series)
animation inspired by zane444? thats what I think of when I see the way the tank fires. Not a bad thing, it looks OK. I just hope you get this done and polished nicely because Toy Tanks will probably overshadow you if you don't
I love blowing *censored* up! Love the idea =D
I kind of winged the animation and it came out looking all right. It's going to say simple with the flash and recoil for all shell-type weapons but there will be plenty of different firing animations for each turret type.
why is this blog featured?
What do you mean? o_o Screencap?
Bravo1 wrote:
What do you mean? o_o Screencap?

click on games- popular and then scroll down to look at the featured blog post box in the bottom right
Oh I see it now. Perhaps I'm set as an auto-feature because of Darkness being a featured game for a little while there. I like the publicity, but if this is in error then I'm all for it being corrected.
I just realized I make to make a new icon for this game >_<
You should have the base transverse smoothly just as the turret.
Two words: particle effects. Take a look at the tanks in my old Army project. Smoke and flying shrapnel are cool effects. Tracks behind the tanks are much less important, though.

It'd be cool if the turret could follow the mouse like in shootah and Darkness. It could definitely be slowed down, so the turret just rotates a set speed to face the mouse.

I think giving the base 360 degrees of movement may just be too complicated of a control scheme for an arcade-style game like this.

Anyway, your tank has as much potential as any of my projects do. Just don't be like me and give up on them after a day! :D

Edit: Speaking of the base, how are you going to properly detect collision with rotated rectangles?
To Zane444: Yeah, I was thinking about that idea but I'm concerned on whether or not the controls would become too difficult. I'll set up both types in the demo and then make a poll so people can vote on what they'd like to use.

To Kaiochao: I'm not so good on particle effects but I would love to give it a shot. Is there any sites or games you can provide for a good example?

Also, I turned off the mouse in fraps because it slowed down the recording speed. The turret does follow the mouse and it does rotate on a set speed depending on the type of turret, so you can have nearly instant turning or super slow turning. Don't ask me how I worked out how to get the turret to turn in the right direction, I can't remember and when I look at my own code I can't even understand it. XD

As for the turning, since it's pixel movement it's possible to turn it from 8 directions into 16, which should look a ton better. However I'm going to experiment with it and release a demo with all three types and see how people like it.

As for the rectangular base, it's 22x32 so I usually just set it's bounds to 32x32, however Pixel_Movement allows me to change the width and height on the fly, so I can just have it check the dir and apply the correct bounds. The only issue with that is if I'm moving in the diagonals then the box will have to be 32x32. Or maybe I can cut it down to 28x28 for diagonals to get a more streamlined feel. Of course I'll have to mess around with the offsets.

Once again, loud! Gotta adjust the volume on it.

Also, fraps didn't record the cursor correctly, so it looks messed up but you can see that the turret reacts to the movements of the cursor.