by Fantasie Productions
A multiplayer RPG based on my novel in the making ,"Fantasie"
What makes a hand held mount better than real mounts you say? Well lemme ask you, has your horse ever teleported? Has your horse ever went invisible? I think not! These are way better than old fashion mounts.

Except in Fantasie, we callz them Travel Skills

Every thing's all shakyyyyyy. This travel skill allows you to phase through walls and objects. It's one thing to run, but it makes it even faster, when you're going through things. Phase does not allow you to go past water, however, you can phase through building walls, to enter them.

Where'd I go? Why can I still touch things? Unlike Phase, you become completely invisible in this Travel Mode, however, you cannot go through things. Attacks will however,not go through you, and you will run around unnoticed by enemies. Real players, not so much, so get your stealth gear on.

I'm levitating! This mode increases your movement speed by 1. You can fly through objects and water, however, buildings hath brought down birds in vain!

Woah, I'm flat. This mode turns you into a Shadow. However, a shadow has an impulse to become that of what is next to you. Take the form of any object that surrounds you, and hide from your enemies, as you await the perfect time to strike. You become very hidden at night. You're speed is increased by 2.

Woah, I almost fell. Maybe it's because my speed is increased by 3 during this mode. However, obstacles will always be obstacles to me.

Wanna see me get to that hill and back... wanna see me do it again? I can teleport everywhere, however, in this mode, you cannot teleport past objects. This is more like a very advanced dodge with a very tiny cool time.

Other skills you can learn

This increases your movement speed by 1.

Allows you to quickly lunge towards the direction you're facing, to avoid attacks. Has a tiny cool time.

New Features

Enemy Name Text-
Put your mouse over an enemy to see their names.

Enemy HP-
This will create a small enemy HP on your opponent that lasts for a few seconds every time you attack.

Destination Arrows-
Tired of trying to figure out where to go next? This nifty little feature will help you out, just retrieve your quest, and it'll guide you to the area you need to go to complete it.

It's progressing real nicely. We will have a version out soon.

A lot of the systems are being remade, such as the inventory system, combat system, etc.

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Fantasie Productions is looking for pixel artists to help out with clothing, armour and anything else, our current ones can't do it alone, the more the merrier. Become a part of Fantasie.
(You don't need a lot of experience, just effort.)
I see alot of thy art is clashing this is something that will ruin your whole production turf and monsters seem not to mix with they art style
I think attacks should only go through you when you're phasing. But when you're invisible you are still able to be hit, it doesn't make sense for attacks to go through you.
I should've mentioned these things ran on some sort of hard to achieve fuel.
@ DungeonDan
The art works well in this game as clashed art. It looks good, because the map art is consistent and the mob art is consistent.
I think it might have been a mistake XD I'll fix it cause your right o.o It shouldnt go through you XD
Looks amazing so far
The art clashes because there were a few different artists. I did a lot of spells, someone else did the base, and I don't even know who did the turfs and objects.

Also, the mob art isn't consistent. You can look at the monster detail and the detail of the base and instantly see the difference. The base is pretty simple as far as detail goes with a black outline all around. Those monsters use a ton of colors for the detail as well as for the outline. I would not look at those sprites and think they came from the same artist.
XD Well actually most of it was done in the same style. Base, Spells, and Turf I made sure they followed the same style and it looks fine to me. They all have the Chibi Trademarks"Low Color + Black Outline" Thing going on and they all match each other. I will admit >..> The guy who made all the monsters [Yes all the monster are from the same artist] Was amazing at art...just not chibi art.
SilencedWhisper wrote:
Looks amazing so far

Thanks :D we aim to please.