I just got a drawing pad and here are some of my first monsters I made with it.

New pictures:

Too Bright!
The images will be recolored to fit the monster they are used for like most old school rpgs.
Ya, the magic of the old 8bit graphics is the easy color swaps. Right now I'm trying to get the actual sprites made. I will make a version with that color scheme as it works very well for a version.
What drawing pad is this? Looks cool.
Bamboo from Wecom
I never got any messages from ya. I'm not always on do to work.
Colors don't mean much now as they are just going to change when I actually use the graphics in game.
I was going with four colors only and after I posted those pics I realized I could use double the colors for my monsters.
I been trying to use a NES like palette. I been using the basic colors in paint as a start.
I went with no black outline to have it look more like DW style then FF style.
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I don't know if you need the !important, however, please do that!
I see an evil Mega Man... bottom row, second from the left.
Or Magneto or Skelator.