Castle Carnage is a round-based PvP game.

It consists of a DM, guarding a castle, and multiple players seeking to destroy the source of evil in the castle.

The DM is responsible for guarding the castle, and as such, his responsibility is to create more rooms, traps, and monsters to make it as difficult for the players to get his source of life as possible.

The players are responsible for infiltrating the castle and destroying the life source of the DM. They are talented adventurers of different descents (Mage, Thief, Warrior), and they use a total of 8 weapons across two different styles per descent (Mages have staves and rods, Thieves have daggers and gloves, Warriors have longswords and greatswords).

Each game goes in several steps:

Pre-round, the point where adventurers can buy new equipment to arm themselves, and the DM can make additions to the castle
Round, the point where adventurers and the DM go at it
Post-round, the point where adventurers and the DM get their rewards, and prepare for the next round
This cycle repeats until the game itself is over. A typical game consists of 5 rounds.

The above was copied from my tumblr.

I decided to create this for the poplava contest, with some inspiration from Yusuke13's blog post a while back.

Also, if anyone is an artist that wouldn't mind working on something like this, let me know. The game itself is getting there, but there is something playable in the meantime, if an interested person would like a demo!
I think I speak for almost everyone when I say GIVE US THE DAMN DEMO >:D
Haha, yeah, there are a few small presentation issues I'm fixing up and a few features I'd like to add first. I'll have it open sometime next week before I submit it, so I can get some solid testing in, don't worry.
Hey, you're making it!
Yeah. I'm making it now so I can eventually port it over to Coggoid without having to start from scratch. That's going to be a task in and of itself, but hey, it'll be fun.
I love the name and concept. It's taking the popular MP casual dungeon crawl and giving it a unique twist
Oh, right, the PopLava competition.

I wonder if I could whip up something in time.