I didn't want to leave you guys in suspense, but I've come with a gift and good news.

The good news? Pokemon Z is closer than ever to hosting, you guys will finally be able to start your adventures in the Pokemon turn based strategy RPG. Choose your favorite baby Pokemon, party up with your friends and battle your way through the many maps we've prepared for you!

Tired of training? Take on the Dojo challenge with your friends and re-battle more challenging versions of the bosses you've unlocked!

We've also fixed alot of elements, edited almost every aspect of the game for a clearer and smoother presentation and added much more content!

But that's not all -

For the Naruto fanatics... Naruto X is still ongoing! The new base is being worked on, almost studied to express the most motion for the least possible amount of frames. The gift I mentioned earlier? here it is, the NPC sprite for Kakashi:

Unfortunately NX moves slower in progress due to me still being the only pixel artist, but it'll eventually get somewhere. Hopefully.
Hawt. :)
Good , Naruto X still going ! :)
plz add taillow in ur pokemon z game
@Laserdog For now the only usable Pokemons are going to be egg babies anyhow, in the farnext update we'll add a mechanic to befriend wild Pokemon... Till then, no favorites lol.