Hey, you got a PS3?

Hook we me up we can play! =)

PSN: TehSupremacy-
Games: Red Dead Redemption, MW2, BOps, W@W, Skate 3, Naruto Shipp Storm2, and LBP2 ;D Get ready to get Owned. Thats all ^^

Add me: Youji94
Then preorder MW3. lets rank as hell together ;)
MikehTanryoku is my psn. Looks like Naruto and Black ops it'll be.
Black Ops and Naruto >=]

PSN is Swiftley
HOLY SHIT, look at my information.

PSN: TehCuba
Games: Red Dead Redemption, MW2, MW1, BOps, Skate 3, Naruto Shippuden Storm 2, Assassins creed 2, Grand turismo 5 and LBP2

Nearly the same, when I saw this I was like "Whoaly shit, both has Teh at the start of PSN and I have all the games you have, just three or four more.
;D Alrighty, I'll add all you guys :).

@Tafe , Hell yeah!
Chumble93 nigga dont know if u got me or not
PS3: Dtwon
PSN: branksyb0y
I have: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Far Cry 3, Dead Island, WWE 13, & Black Ops 2...
hey i want to join up with you.
anyone have borderlands 2? that and black ops 2. only games im currently playing but i wanna get the new dead island. I believe its coming out this month.

I'll be buying some of the games I saw here next week or something.

PSN: ExPixel
PSN: EliteMox

I have all of these except W@W, and nartard. I have like 40 something games, so add me :D I'll whoop everyone in Skate 3 btw, except Dtwon, cause he's a cheater. But I'm better than him when it comes to S.K.A.T.E {:
dude i was playing ranked for the longest and used to be 300 out of 100,000 in the world lol i just..hated S.K.A.T.E. my best event is 1-up lol.
i have the new Most Wanted and Black Ops II