Greenlight is somewhat of a segment I'm going to add to my blog that spotlights noteworthy BYOND games that are in early development in order to grow an awareness for lesser known developers.

I would like to start with the game that has also had a spotlight in this month's recent BYOND news update: League of Power, an RPG with a simple but interesting concept of allowing players the liberty to create their own skills with the building blocks the game provides. This would give players a large amount of customization for their characters, more than any game that I know of on BYOND. League of Power will give us a much more refreshing RPG for those of us who are tired of the stale class based systems that most, if not all, of the games on BYOND RPG channel have.

Customizable skills isn't the only thing League of Power is notable for, it will also utilize BYOND's new map format to allow the player to rotate the map, creating an artificial 3D environment similar to an isometric. The game map will even have a Z-axis to allow players to jump and climb the environment, it will be interesting to see how this will be incorporated into game play.

If things go as planned, League of Power will be an interesting addition to BYOND. I personally look forward to trying this game and wish the developer, Taiz, the best of luck with their project.

You can learn more about League of Power on Taitz's blog post.
I've played this a few days ago. Taiz had a test server up and was allowing everyone to just go crazy and try to crash the game. It had a few nice features you don't see everyday.

First noticeable was the ability to jump. It was done very fluidly and the side-view map was certainly something not may people attempt, regardless of how new it is.

The second interesting feature was the ability to wade through the water to get to the other side. Very nice touch!

This project is certainly something I'm hoping sees completion and I believe alot of people throughout BYOND will take notice.

Thanks for the great review!