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For the recent days I haven't added any updates for the game, as much as I would have wanted to. Reason being, I had stuff to do other than BYOND. It is summer and I also have a life, so to speak.

Currently there are 3 classes to choose from, there will be lots of more.
  • The Brute - The powerful combatants, who use their amazing strength and extraordinary constitution to subdue their opponents with raw physical prowess.
  • The Beast - The savage beasts, who's raw strength can rip apart even the most powerful enemies and their unmatched regeneration ability, they are to be feared.
  • The Energizer - The living batteries, who can store high amounts of energy in their body, absorbing the harmful energy and over-charging their physical capabilities beyond limits or creating a cloak of energy to negate damage.

Each classification will have a choice of travel powers. For some it is limited to one, for others it might be greater, it is all based on the nature of the class.

Projectile based powers is my next step. Although I already know how I am going to handle making them, I still am not sure if that is the correct way of doing it. Considering multiple methods and I might remake a couple of systems to suit it more to core physics.

Thank you all followers and fans, leave your comments, suggestions and questions into the comment section.