So yeah, sorry guys for being lazy the last week and not reporting the results back. So for this post there are two results available at this page:

Last week I updated Wargames with a relatively minor update nerfing Androids a bit and blocking multikeys from same computer. Beforehand you could technically multikey as long as they both weren't on at the same time. I did this originally because there were several sibling players who genuinely would have been disadvantaged by a block, but I don't believe they exist anymore so it seemed a logical thing to do. Multikeying in itself wasn't really worthwhile until I introduced progressive building costs, which now make making large nations more troublesome than building several smaller ones, and hence my decision.

* Fix: Filter name wouldn't clear the message box, fixed.
* Change: Players can only log in with one key from each computer at all, as opposed to the old system one key at a time on one IP.
* Change: Alliance and Country names have shorter character limits.
* Change: Androids will do no damage if the nation doesn't have enough oil to support them. No extra oil is spent, but it still needs some to work.
- In addition, they also do not contribute to att and def values if this lack of oil exists.
* Change: You now have to wait to complete an action with two click before using it again.
* Change: Altered some conditions for taking land.
* New: Research reference sheet added.

In addition, I updated Wargames 2 today with some minor updates. I've discovered there is a boarding bug but I don't have time to fix it tonight so it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

New Research:

* Shipyard: Bronze age research that allows naval units to be repaired 1hp per turn at towns on sea tiles.
* Textiles: Updates unit graphics for some units, Iron age research.
* Capped Ram: Updates the Battering Ram for a stronger unit, Iron age research. This is the first research which actively requires research from several trees to access.
* Forestry: Allows your workers to destroy or make forests, Dark age research.

New Units:

* Capped Ram: Better Siege unit for the Iron Age.
* Mubarizun: Infantry unit for the Dark Age, no extra power from a Legionary, but extra defence.

Other Changes:

* A change to the way borders work should result in less lag in big games and a stop to the flickering.
* Iron age+ Workers and Settlers has a new look.
* Borders now include a semi-transparent shading to define it better.
* Default space difference between start spots altered to 2, this gives more freedom.

Bug Fixes:

* Inviting people to alliances could auto accept without letting them choose.
* You could make ships board other ships, fixed.