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Well, today I had nothing to do and thought; "Hm, wouldn't people want to see the gameplay of games before they try it out?", Then an idea popped to my head! "Why don't I make a video?", so then I spent hours and hours looking for programs, effects, music, and all bunch of stuff today to record a great, original game, named NarutoVS. Also before you watch the video, all I got to say is yeah the music is plain simple and has been used tons of times and crap but hey! Its my first vid, I didn't know what else to do/add D:
Well, here it is!: . Hope you like! Thank you for your time to read this!

Nice video, effects and recording =D. What did program did you use Ace?

HyperCam3, and for editing I'm using, Windows Live Movie Maker =D. Once I get better at using that I'll find a better 1.
HyperCam3? There's a HyperCam3 O_O
Hypercam 3 and moviemaker? XD

sayd before reading post 2 and 3
Lol, yep! XD
@Ziddy - Ikr!
(recomend buynig it, but there is cracks)
Tafe wrote:
(recomend buynig it, but there is cracks)

I'll crack it D:, Uhh how is it? Is it easy to get used 2?
I have the full version.
yeah, and its editing program has unique futures like zoom +/- into the recorded area. its awesome.

Tafe wrote:
yeah, and its editing program has unique futures like zoom +/- into the recorded area. its awesome.
Get on MSN and tell me about this "Camtasia", lmao.

i AM on, its just to retarded to recognize that im adding people.
but, i will try add u once more. email ?
Y u no get skype? :#
Meh email is ;D
Aaah, it says:
"This vertion of msn does not support this yet, but we will add it as a contact as soon when there will be a new release!"
If you can get Fraps, try that out for the portions that you're just showing the in-game. Use hypercam for when you want to show the full window, this way you can show exactly what you want to at all times.

As for the game, looks great! I've never seen a sidescrolling Naruto game on byond. If you're not using it already, might I suggest Forum_Accounts sidescroller library, it's very smooth and it should add a lot to your game! =)
Camtasia is the best screen recorder, but don't crack it. <.< Close second IMO is cam Studio, then get sony vegas to edit.
Alright, thanks all for the comments and support! Yeah, I might try Cam, sony vegas and the other stuff :).
Again, thanks!
what Liam said...

What the hell?
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