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A new Moon has been discovered around Pluto, making it the 4th Moon around the Dwarf Planet after the discovery of Nix and Hydra in 2005.

Outside of reclassification of objects in the belts of Gas planets, newly discovered orbiting bodies in our solar system is quite rare, but often found by instruments such as the Hubble Space Telescope.

New Horizons, a spacecraft mission launched in 2006 to visit Pluto should be arriving to take the first 'flyby' photos of Pluto in 2015, if successful would be the first proper images of the planet, and potentially its Moons as well.

The new discovery means I need to update Dreamland Universe sometime, although I'm in the middle of rewriting code for planetary systems to include more varied sizes and designs.

Dreamland Universe work has been slow as I design ideas for developing life and an open-ended system for creating how those lifeforms look like and act.
Dreamlands isn't even out though is it?
Not officially, you can download it and use load game to watch the solar system and local star systems spin round, simulating how it looks ingame.

I started an offer in which any donations gives advance access to gameplay currently in the game, which is the entire setup stage for galaxies, planets and everything inbetween and the very early stages of life.

When I do update that demo, it'll be much the same, perhaps a bit further in the life stage but still blocked. Depending how far I get, I might open some or all of the pre-life stage.
That's no moon. It's a space station.
9 years? That's a long friggen flight.
Think they said its the fastest moving object to leave Earth too, so it was quite speedy ;)
Lol. Cool dude. Cool.
intresting ;D