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Hey Everyone,

Well if your not aware, I released RP Unlimited 1.4 for Open Beta. Being right now a number of servers are converting but we are hoping people like the new set up. So please stop on by and look at the new system. Also report any errors so I can try and fix them.

-Anthony Hawkina
Hey Anthony, what is the blacklist and whitelist about? And what is the difference between open server or approved server
The White List and Black List are a Multi function command, White List when activated will either A: Auto player all white listed members, or B: Lock the server from everyone not on a whitelist.

Black List is the opposite, It will once activated, A: Stop Blacklisted members from having any premissions until removed, or B: Auto ban.

The open or approved server is a function auto approval of player powers, this being if the server is open all new people are approved. This works so they can RP right at log on and will all them to RP with NPCs and Primary character with out approval.

The approved server setting resets RP Unlimited servers to the default setting of needing approval before you can RP.
I do apologize for the way I put my message on your RPU comments page, however at the time I was quite frustrated with the problem, seeing as it's an extremely horrible inconvenience and often kills my CPU. I'm usually not as open with my mind as I was when I posted the original comment. I at least make an attempt to hide my emotions when in a public environment. I will make a video of the problem an send you a link for the exact description of my problem.
Thank you, and I would like to see, being it seems to be serious and I would like to get major bugs like this out.
Uh oh. It seems that this problem is now effecting other things. From what I'm seeing, it's anything with a savefile. This seems to be a byond problem rather than an RPU problem. The original problem does seem to have begun at RPU though.

Here is the link to the Video File. I'll post something about it to Tom, see if he can't troubleshoot my savefile problem. 37742385/%7Etemp-20110824_2143_52.avi

What you're seeing is me just running quickly through Deadron's Character Handling Library. When I load the character, you see a small box that pops up is the save prompt, the only problem is that it doesn't prompt me to save, it just does it automatically. And then it opens up a new Firefox window to the directory.
Odd being I see between the frames another game outside of RP Unlimited in stop motion. That being I am looking it over with the Deadron stuff I been using with another programmer.

More looking it over, but this does have me worried.
I have a feeling that it's not your fault however. I'll look at it with Tom or Lummox to see what's going on.
O.k. give me heads up please the heads up. Being if I have any part I would like to fix it.
Any chance of allowing non byond memebers to comment on your game ...

It would be nice.
I fixed it, I narrowed it down to a Browser Problem and when I was told that IE was BYOND's Browser, I updated it to 9 and it's working just fine now. I use Firefox, so there's my extremely good reason on why I never thought about updating IE. Now to give Sonnet a call before she kicks my ass >_< She was having the same problem.

Danke schön,

I honestly have a serious problem with moderators having the power to view whispers between players. I find it very invasive of player privacy, which I think should be upheld at all times. Usually if two people are whispering, it's not for anyone outside of the conversation to know about. I was wondering if you could consider removing that feature from the next update. It just seems wrong, not being able to hold anything secret anymore.