Keywords: 3d, generator, pic, scp
So I finally made a proc that creates illusions to make a map look 3D. This uses little lag, and is single player strict.
However, something doesn't seem right. Any suggestions to how I can make this look better?

I'm trying to make it feel as 3D as possible.
I don't feel anything 3d there. What exactly are you talking about?
are you like trying to remake doom using byond
There is nothing 3D here.
If you're talking about the art assets that don't like like you made them then that's still not 3D.
Try making it look 3D. That's my suggestion.
Depth is the word your looking for vs 3d.

Go look up how to draw depth for some ideas.

Art is not made by me, and is temp art. I needed to test this with objects and mobs. I'm trying to make it look 3D using code, and nothing else.
One of those people things is completely breaking the illusion by standing on top of a tree.
Didn't set layer XD
Isometric art? Gives a great illusion of depth.
Your screenshot has no perceivable depth whatsoever...

Lighting and shading, like this greatly contributes to the illusion of depth in a 2d environment
Judging from the Screenshot the 3D Effect is almost at a complete loss, 3D effects are based on art, for example shading, roundness, shadows. All this will add to the 3D Effect. Do this and it will be looking great.

Where's teh 3D?
I try okey?! Anyway I've made a new one that I'm working on. Dis on is in dah trash.