I haven't done one of these in awhile, I've been pretty busy, but here you go.

So lately I have been working on the quincy still, fixig bugs and such and they're just about done! During the testing of the quincy, you will of noticed the bow activation was a hotslot technique, it isn't anymore. The same will go for the shikai/bankai/arm (sado), etc.. They wont be hotslot techniques anymore.

I have also been starting work on the Death system, everything I do will be located here. I am just making posts to show what I have done from here. Once I have completed everything from this page, the game will be ready for release. Teka just adds stuff when he sees fit and I just carry on doing as I am doing. I read through it all regularly, encase I stop working on quincy then some new stuff is added to quincy to be done.

If you're working for the game as an artist, please let me know because although placeholders are fine I would like to see the game with real icons lol.. You can contact me through a lot of different ways. All my contact information is here.

Starting monday I will be starting work on the sado race, so look forward to a post on it! This game is going to be completed, I've started so many projects that haven't been able to get completed during my 6 years here I am determained to get one completed, so don't lose hope, I find making these posts is a good way to keep motvation alive for me!