Simple Developments Guild

As soon as paypal decides to clear my transaction from my bank account over to my paypal, we'll be good to go. They took the money out of my account this morning, so it shouldn't be too much longer.

Once the membership is purchased and we get everything set up, the first contest will be underway. I almost have all of the details worked out on my notepad. Look for this contest announcement at 12:00 pm (noon) Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Monday, 1 August 2011 in the form of a blog post. (If paypal is still jerking me around, I'll do it from my blog) Make sure you bring your work boots with you, you'll need them!

Be sure to submit your already finished games to the guild so we have a few to put on the site during its inception either this weekend or early next week.

Guild promotion/listing regulations
1) Must be complete and currently listed on the BYOND main site.

2) Must be original work created without an open source or outsourced sprites/tiles. (Libraries are of course acceptable)

3) Must have either a 24/7 server or downloadable host files available. (Occasional downtime is okay, however, we're not trying to list and promote a game that is never playable.)

4) Can be single-player. If it is, the game must have a download on the hub.

5) Fan-games and Anime-based games are not accepted. Original IP is a must.

This is the main five requirements currently used for listing purposes under the Guild. However, upon the opening of front doors, that section will be handed over completely to and managed by EmpirezTeam.

EmpirezTeam will be reviewing games that are submitted and deciding upon which ones fit the criteria for listing. The criteria above is just the basis and he may elaborate on it as he sees fit. If you're interested in helping as soon as the doors open and the site is set up, he'd be the one to impress.

My intention is to have Lige handle and manage the forums and site, since he expressed his willingness to help on one of the previous blog posts I made regarding the Guild's creation. Once again, as soon as we're settled, he'd be the one to talk to in order to get a position as a forum moderator or CSS adjuster.

Other than all of this, there really isn't much else that can be accomplished until paypal clears my transaction. I'm hoping for that on Monday sometime which would follow my initial plans of beginning operation on 1 August.

Once again, keep a lookout for the Contest!
Cash prize. (Paypal required)

P.S. thx to Masterralphy55 for the new banner

Alright. Alright. -*claps*-