As of late i have not been online or on byond as much as i have in the past, perhaps it's my own fault for doing to many things at once and getting myself into previous situations.

I have been trying to keep the CSS Guild alive and by that i had been reguarly creating free CSS's for anyone who asked for them, unfortunately now some people will notice i havn't found the time to do them as reguarly as before, but have just welcomed Dark Campainger to the CSS team to hopefully help out where i can't.

I've also taken on the Byond anime guild which i hope to do reviews on anime and games, and i enjoy makeing anime reviews so if nothing else that'll be nice for me, just waititng on MDC with his Gfx and pixel art before it's progressed on much more.

I'm also in the middle of trying to create a Bleach game, which is coming along slowly but surely, and i'm very grateful to have Liam Howe who is the driveing force in keeping this game going even while im inactive

And then i also have the duties of approving and reviewing the submitted games and moderating the blog post which as of late i have been neglecting, so yet again i am grateful for another person Yusuke who has recently been taken on who has done a brilliant job with most of the submitted games.

Also my job's become quite busy at the moment, and the damn company which runs it has just made 4 people redundant, which makes no sense due to the amount of work, but they've done it anyway, so i am working 6 am til 6pm Monday to Saturday at the moment, So i'm feeling pretty tired most days now, with little time to myself, luckily i don't have a Gf at the moment because i'd probably end up neglecting her lol.

Finally my money situations not great either, i just got past my financial problem, then i went and donated again lol, then i stopped tried to save and then my brother get's involved with the wrong sort.. and ended up owing money, and i've just had to bail him out.. so he'll owe me for the rest of his life of course lol, That's because he'll probably never be able to pay it back... :(

Anyway i'm sorry if it seems i have ignored anyone or have not been around.
Hey man, I know nothing of the anime games :'( plz help? lol
Hope all gets better man. Return to BYOND soon.
wow that's low dude, he just said he got financial issues and you ask that? Oh teka's benefit doesn't come before your's right? Idiot.
I'm sorry nublets but the Bank of Teka is closed, you may not make a withdrawal as of anytime soon, SO FUCK OFF. have a nice day =)
Ohh !!! Sorry , lol. I didn't see the Financial Part >_> If I did, I wouldn't of even asked that ....
People shouldn't be asking to contribute to them.
You should open up your donation box again, for all the great work you do you deserve it.
Sorry to hear you're having financial troubles again. Hope they're paying you some overtime for all that work.
It's fine, bro.
You need to take care of yourself for awhile! Get things straight and take a while to chill and toss some drinks around. ;D

Regardless, I hope things get better, man!
Oh shit! Teka I'm sorry to hear that =( man I hope all goes well soon :(
Hope everything gets better for you soon Teka! Take a break from all the things here and worry about yourself for a while. Once it's all fine come back and you'll have enough stuff to catch up on :P
Hope you get better bro! Good luck!! ;)
teka if you need anyone else helping with review i can do it I spend alot of time on the blogs and on the submission board
Hey.well thank's for the support again guys lol :), This post wasn't supposed to press on my financial issue as much as you guys seem to have taken notice, since it's not as bad as it was before.

Thanks Oasis but i've promised i wont ask for money again from you guys, it was wrong of me to do it last time i went and got myself in debt.

Anyway i'm ok, i have a lot of things occupying me and im a busy guy. i just wanted everyone to know i cant really make any promise's keep on scheduled meetings or be on regularly.

And DD thanks for the offer but only Tom can really decide who he wishes to help, but Yusuke has been taken on board, So i don't expect him to welcome many more additions any time soon.
I can help with anything if you need to.