BYOND Version:489
Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Web Browser:Firefox 5.0
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Unverified

Thus far we've been unable to verify or reproduce this bug. Or, it has been observed but it cannot be triggered with a reliable test case. You can help us out by editing your report or adding a comment with more information.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
Whenever an in-game popup is closed, two dialogs appear (image below), one of which is the Internet Explorer download progress window.

(Filepath points to My Documents\BYOND\cache)

This only started happening recently and is probably a result of something that has changed on my machine, but I can't figure out what.

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:
This is unlikely to trigger the problem on other computers but will cause it every time on mine.

1: Join any server
2: Perform any action that opens a popup (MOTD, server rules popup, etc)
3: Close the popup

Expected Results:
Popup closes, nothing else happens.

Actual Results:
Popup closes, IE download progress dialog and Open/Save dialog both open simultaneously, closing if any option is selected on the Open/Save dialog.

Does the problem occur:
Every time? Or how often? Every time.
In other games? Probably, but have only tested in Space Station 13.
In other user accounts? I only have one user account on this computer which has admin privileges.
On other computers? Probably not, but haven't tested.

When does the problem NOT occur?
When closing dialogs that contain no HTML. (Probably any dialogs that don't save to the BYOND cache folder)

Did the problem NOT occur in any earlier versions? If so, what was the last version that worked? (Visit to download old versions for testing.)
It didn't occur several months back, but I have tested in earlier BYOND versions and the problem occurs in those as well.

None that I know of. BYONDHelp?command=view_tracker_issue&tracker_issue=738

It looks to me like they are the same issue. But I'm not sure.

Edit: Looks like both issues involve space station 13.
It's the same issue for sure, but upgrading to IE 9 is impossible without an OS upgrade so I can't test whether it fixes the problem for me as well.

Considering this previously didn't happen, then started happening at a later date while running the same version of BYOND, something that's changed in my installation of IE is probably causing the problem.
Found a workable solution to this-

go to your documents folder-->BYOND-->cache and right click one of the files that has a firefox/IE icon, go to properties and change how to opens from Firefox/IE to your BYOND exe.

not sure how it got set to FF in the first place.

I did this on a hunch and it stopped the screen constantly opening to firefox- maybe someone can find a proper solution to the problem from here.
HTML files are supposed to be associated with your browser, not BYOND. The problem is more likely related to your Internet Explorer version.

For now I'll move this to Unverified until there's more information.
Ah yes, seems they end up switching back each time (although changing it the first time did allow me to try the game without my browser constantly opening over the screen)

When the 'always ask before opening.." icon is unchecked on the dialogue box seen above, it results in a new tab in browser being created for each closed window (and randomly as well).

Using latest version of Firefox, same thing happens with IE.
Although the Firefox version is, I think, irrelevant, you should be more specific than "latest". Firefox has moved to a rapid release cycle and many people are using the alpha and beta builds a step ahead, so specific version numbers are always better.
my bad, using Firefox 6.0.2 - reinstalled from their official site.
Happening to me to on Mitidake High, Except I am running byond off of a flash drive onto a windows vista... everything is up to date... and its kind of getting annoying as it opens every step i take unless i relog...
anyway It opens my Google Chrome browser (I update regularly).

Incedently it doesnt do it on my old XP (has had byond on it since 2004 and has been updated regularly since then) and everything on there is also up to date...
I found some information here that may be pertinent: dd565661%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

This might be an overzealous Microsoft security feature. The event that causes this is supposedly logged, so you should be able to follow the instructions at that link to determine if that's what's happening to you. If it is, please let us know as that would be a vital clue.
No good... Still happening even after I disabled it and set IE as my Default...
I tried the above link and followed directions. I do not have the remediation hkey directories listed.

So therefore, it does not help me.Any more help?

This gets rather annoying.

Bump, bug occurs with all browsers
I had this same problem not long ago because of some malware that had infected my computer. You might try scanning, just to be safe.
Very reproduceable problem. Just installed byond on 5/5/2012 and get the exact same problem. Using win 7 and FF at the most updated point. Tried changing the files opening from FF to byond.exe but just gives me the same windows just with that application asking permission.