Ok this game pretty much plays out like any other mmorpg these days, but it is still a fun game and if like me, you just enjoy a Dbz experience then you can enjoy one here.

The game is pretty much grind, run around, slaughter things, level up, learn new moves, make friends, look for any English person you can and guess what the hell your supposed to do for the quests.

You play the game as an mmorpg, but with a saga progression main quest which is at the heart of the game, such as :

You find baby Goku in a space pod, you take him back to grandpa gohan.

You meet chichi who's being attacked by a t-rex and you save her, but her father appears(the Ox king) he thinks your a bad guy then attacks you as well.

You bump into chi chi again who takes you to the arena which Goku is taking part in with the Z fighters to take on piccolo in the tournament for the first time, and so on.

The game came out on July 15th in Taiwain, unlike the Korean version you do not need specific country related details.


Instruction guide site on how to create an account and download the game is: DBO instruction Guide

(If you have Google chrome then it has an in built translator which could allow you to do it simply on your own.)

Once the game is downloaded, install it, allow it to auto patch and once it's finished doing it's patching and once the start button becomes click able, then you should install the language patcher

You can download the English language patcher here: English Patcher Download

Instruction on how to use the lang patcher:

Download the patcher.
Extract it to wherever your DBO folder directory is on yout hard drive in the taiwan pack folder.

Example: C drive -> Program files -> DBO_CT_TW -> Localize -> TAIWAN -> Pack

Then put all 3 files from the patch down loader into there.

Rght click the file called lang0.pak, click properties, then un check the read only tick on that file and accept.

Now finally run the DBOCOM Language patcher program, and it should say completed.

Then your game should be ready to play, you'll know if the language patcher worked, since if it didn't then even the login section will be in Taiwanese.


Visit DBO Fan site for useful help, detailed skill list, maps, forums and other related things to the game.

My name is Teka123, I go on server 2, channel 2, but i'm not on very often and only really go on on Sundays, i would be happy to meet anyone from byond on it(Since English speaking people are still uncommon)

What's the point without any pbags?
lol i deleted your comment wookie :P

And i know what you mean Ant, I guess it's just nice to play a game related to dbz on a multi player rpg scale.

lol yeah, sorry yusuke, didn't intend to post on my Timmy key in the first place and this key was getting dusty again, but if u look u'll see i took the other post off of the front page.
Wtf don't you love me? hater 3:
Need someone to help see if my game's good enough for listing? =P
El Wookie wrote:
Wtf don't you love me? hater 3:
Need someone to help see if my game's good enough for listing? =P

I listed it over 12 hours ago /=
Didn't know you played this o-o I have a 50 dende, 35 karma and 38 swordsman aha. hmu sometime. Hideyasu is my main.
"You Clicked Nay didn't you?"
Always Epic Teka! XD
Even with the language pack not everything is in English =/
ohh nice 6 yea's? does that mean some people liked this post and maybe i'll see someone on it sometime :)? lol

I'm afraid your right Tensa, The english patch translates all interface's. options, character creation, a lot of the item definition and npc names.

What it fails to translate is the quest content, that's why i mentioned having to try and figure out what the hell your supposed to do for the quests lol, but nearly every quest gives you a red marker to follow to a location or npc or a red circle on the map which is the area you should be in.
You might see me once the thing finishes updating.
I might try it out.
I'LL join you Teka im going to be Deonte 1000 you see me.
I've just finished downloading.... Might give it a whirl tomorrow ;]
Hmm , I might give it a try tomorrow ;)
Lol it doesn't fail to translate quests, it just wasn't meant to, but just look at your map and follow the circles/X's.
The game is really fun, though I'm grinding quests just to reach level 30. Also remember that your quest monsters can also be outside of those circles, but they're really close and if you have problems with determining which monsters are the ones that you need to defeat to complete the quests. Pay attention to the lettering of their names, sometimes you can match them up and other times you can't.
You stole my spotlight lol, Did you make DBO Through my post or did you make your account before I made the post?

Also the game came out June 15 not July 15th xD
Ichigoo0 wrote:
Didn't know you played this o-o I have a 50 dende, 35 karma and 38 swordsman aha. hmu sometime. Hideyasu is my main.

Hideyasu remember me im Sirnear, I was in akatsuki. I left cause i don't like being in a guild with a naruto name and everybody kills me in arena cause im in akatsuki. Everybody on BYOND Is on DBO Cause of me hehe.

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