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Since I wasn't particularly happy, with the generated fire, I tweaked around with it a bit this morning and got a new result, which I love much more. The size of the flame can be set at will and the flame is more realistic in many ways, other than that, it suits better with the overall graphics.

As you can see, the result is quite different from the previous version, the shape of the flames is different and their texture is much better also. Who ever said that nothing good ever comes from playing with fire? =D

I generated larger flames just to show off a bit:

Has "pixel art" ever been so simple and kind when dealing with fire!?
Looks great so far, keep up the good work :3
Great idea and it looks really good. Is the generator a BYOND app?
In response to Jmurph
The generator is a code I made in DM, so I suppose you could call it that.
...pretty game
Holy ra, how did I not notice this until now?
I'm glad to see you're still working with this.
In response to Yusuke13
That would be slightly wrong, I'd say. I have been away for half a year now, the Defense Forces. And I have something else in mind, something probably much more interesting I might say.