by Fantasie Productions
A multiplayer RPG based on my novel in the making ,"Fantasie"
Keywords: 5, art, best, concept, fantasie, meos
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Deep Darken has been selected

So, as you know, Fantasie consists of over 105 enemies called Meos, all of which have been drawn. I've managed to pull out one of my favorites, and realized the concept art for the Meos was hand drawn. Realizing this, it seemed that players might not be too fond of this.
I've managed to create 4 different art styles using the Spirit ZEDA meos. The art style of the game is posted on the hub. Just try your best to imagine which would look best.

Option 1- The original. It was hand drawn by colored pencil.

Option 2- Darkened Edges. This makes the picture easier to see.

Option 3- A slight increase in Hue. Well you know.

Option 4- Auto-Level. Re-adjusts the colors a bit.

Option 5- Deep Darken. Darkens the entire image, not just the edges.

BTW- Poll has been set to 1 vote per household. So yeah.
Looks like a Digimon! In all honesty the Deep Darken looks best to me.
I think the deep darkened looks best.
Oh wow that looks pretty amazing o.o I like the auto level