I would like to thank everyone that took time out of their week to develop a game for our little opening contest. We had a total of only 3 submissions. The submissions are as follows:

Survival Maze by Dj dovis is a maze in which the object of the game was to apparently walk around and pick up burgers while trying to find your way back from or out of the maze.

Luck by Heyya46 is a PvP style game in which you challenge other players to a test of your luck. The object of the game is to defeat the other contender using nothing but sheer luck. Your HP is set to 100 and damage dealt by battles is randomized between 1-100.

forysuke13bylaserdog by Laserdog is another maze-style game where you must navigate your way through a host of scary pictures to find your way to the next level. The walls are invisible and you must make an educated guess through trial and error or just plain luck.

After careful consideration, the winner has been chosen by EmpirezTeam.

And the winner is Luck by Heyya46.

Thanks to everyone for your participation. There will be more contests in the near future.

By the time this blog post is complete, I will be logging into paypal to send the $10 in USD to Heyya for his victory.

Thanks for reading.

Laserdog game sucks. Too loud, no clear exit sign.
Congrats to Heyya for the win and to everyone else who participated :)
ChibiGaming wrote:
Congrats to Heyya for the win and to everyone else who participated isn't Laserdog. :)

I wasn't aware there was a contest going on, I would have entered.
well at least i tried...
thanks everyone :D hope to see more contests
Nice congrats Heyya :D!"

Psst, need any css help? :)? im not exactly that good, but i wouldn't mind putting some time aside for a worth while guild like this. If you have a plan layout, gfx or any ideas? if not i could just try and make it look nice?
Hey. You forgot me. Owait. I didn't enter. Bleh.

Congratz, Heyya.