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Private First Class: 2 - (Active Payout Earnings: 2020)
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This Week:
Slow week for the Resource Center in terms of transactions but our new user-base keeps pouring in nicely.

A ton of work continues to go into the Collaboration Project effort. "tsfreaks" is writing a full blown functional spec for a game which is always more work than you think but the V1 is shaping up nicely.

Next Week:
- "tsfreaks" to finish up the functional spec. The timing of it may work out with the contest ending and the Collaboration Effort starting. We will hopefully have an opportunity to pick up a project from the challenge as well.
- Start preparing for the influx of submissions for the challenge. I need to make some tweaks to the RC to handle the awards.

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Poplava Challenge V1.5

There are about 8 days remaining! This is the home stretch. Time to start locking it down and fixing bugs. A small tip: Fixing bugs that a judge might never see 8 hours into the game is not as helpful as fixing that annoying login bug. A big tip: The first few minutes in any game is usually going to be the most critical in terms of players or judges forming an opinion of your game. Imagine it like dots on a graph. How many "positive" events (dots) can you provide the user over time vs "negative" events. Can you keep the player above the "exit and never return" threshold (flat-line) or is there experience plummeting out of control?

A playable .dmb must be submitted (or available for download) to me and acknowledged as accepted by me no later than midnight the 14th based on Resource Center server time. No exceptions. Submit early to avoid problems. I may not be available to accept last minute submissions due to worldly time. You will not get a chance to re-submit your game after the deadline so find those blocking bugs this week.

To learn more about the contest, go here: PopLava Challenge #1
I like. I likes a lot. I know who will win :3
Masterdarwin88 wrote:
I like. I likes a lot. I know who will win :3

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